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"If you’re looking for a contemporary or two, think Devin Townsend circa Synchestra or One Hundred Thousand without the vocals when trying to find an auditory starting point for the latest single off Transhuman ... from Boston’s Max Boras. And as for said single, “I Do” is a sprawling almost seven minute sonic saga that glisten and tingles, filling the air with a certain amount of whimsy from Boras’ guitar and Joseph Knecht III’s stirring keyboards. Add in a rhythm section in Ron Bernhaut (bass) and Ethan Boras (drums) that’s unparalleled with their large grooves that effortlessly transitions to heavy as necessary to create the most impactful strikes at just the right moments when Boras’ serene shredding amps up and you’ll have a pretty good idea on the performance prowess that awaits in the rest of Transhuman." 

- Rock and Roll Fables

"With blinding fretboard prowess and veritable compositional brilliance, songwriter-guitarist Max Boras proves he’s worthy of running in the same league as his idols, Steve Vai, Frank Zappa and Pete Townshend."

- Brian Owens, Metronome Magazine

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